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Strawberry picking

We grow using the water from the thaw of Mt. Tanigawa. Delicious strawberry

Strawberry picking fee table

At our farm, we count the number of strawberries we can harvest the next day the day before, and if we have enough for 100 people, we increase the number of reservations available online at around 5pm and accept them. Please make a reservation online.

At our strawberry farm, you can pick the high-quality Royal Queen strawberries. In Gunma Prefecture, our strawberry farm is the only one.

For strawberry picking, reservations are given priority. Private area system

(Guidance to dedicated area for each group) (However, if you are a group

of 10 or more people, please contact us by phone in advance.)

We would like everyone to avoid crowds and enjoy strawberry picking safely, so we appreciate your understanding. *Please arrive 15 minutes before your reservation time to use the restroom and pay. Thank you.​ As soon as the time comes, we will begin providing guidance, so please be patient. ​


*Royal Queen's strawberry picking is an additional 500 yen.

Dedicated reservation page As of 12/12, things are going well, but

it looks like it will take place after mid-January. ➔ Reservations will

be accepted from January onwards. note that.

*Reservations can only be made online until 7am on the day of the event. Same-day reservations will be accepted by phone from 8:00 AM on the same day. ​


*During busy times, we may not be able to answer the phone. note that. We may call you back. Please note that if we do not have enough strawberries on the day, we may refuse your order.

※ Question about strawberry picking reservation on the day

Reservation is until the day before, 9:30 start and 10:30 start, we have received a total of about 20 people a day. We do not accept reservations for the day.


At around 5 pm the day before, the number of people accepted on the homepage (Insta and Facebook) has been increased the next day. I hope you can refer to and judge.

Because strawberries are plants, the number of strawberries that ripen depends on the weather of the day, and it may be acceptable in the afternoon.


In addition, this garden has a cafe, so even if you can't pick strawberries, you can always make "strawberry smoothie making experience" or "easy strawberry daifuku making experience" without reservation. At the cafe, there are many strawberry menus such as strawberry bouquet parfait and strawberry covered pancakes. I hope you will consider it. Please come and be cautious.

※About cancellation fee

Can Please note that cancellation of the day will take 100% of cancellation fee.

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