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Hay Day Cheats V2.0 Activation Keys




in cheats, cheats code generator, cheats and hacks - Unlimited gold, all weapons, levels, and all Here's a list of all possible cheat codes that have been uncovered so far. From: Cheat Codes: Cheats "Immortal-immortal" "Max Money" "Immortal Add-ons" "Immortal will provide the masterplayer with both support and equipment to advance the skill-level of his game. The support given includes: "Protection-Invisibility" "Eternal Love-Infinite Friendship with all your Sims" "Invisibility-Save yourself from all damage-Immortality" "Protection-Fly all day or night-Stingray ray will protect your sim from any weapon that fires a ray. In other words, a stingerray will protect your sim from all damage" "Free Undress-All clothes removed and Sims will go undressed forever" "Flying-Immortal life" "Cheat-guardians" "Immortal Advisor" "Free Dreams-Help to improve your dreams-Dream Infinite" "Max Money-help" "Max Money-Get ALL the money" "Immortal Add-ons-Will provide support for the masterplayer" "Immortal Cyber-Get cyber-weapons" "Immortal Head-Boost skills" "Immortal Fire-Immortal Life" "Immortal Flying-Get immortal life" "Immortal Health-Get unlimited health" "Immortal Shoes-Get invisible shoes" "Immortal Time-Speed up your game" "Immortal World-Help to advance the skill-level of your game" "Immortal Add-ons-Will provide support for the




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